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Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you have a Pet Peeve?

Is there anything that gets under your skin? I mean you really get upset, you know- you would like to shake someone; or wring their neck... Some thing that brings you to the boiling point. You have to bite your tongue to keep from saying something— or you mess up, and do say something…

Do I just need help…? Am I the only man alive that gets disturbed over someone else’s lack of concern or consideration for the next guy?

Goodness Sam, take a Valium! What’s bugging you today? I’ll just tell you, what! PEOPLE THAT LEAVE THEIR SHOPPING CARTS IN PARKING SPACES, INSTEAD OF WALKING A FEW FEET AND PUTTING THEM IN THE DESIGNATED AREAS. Now do you know what I mean? >@%}:!*/^

One day I actually ask a lady would she consider, “someone who’s handicapped might need to park there but your shopping cart is in the way,” I said. Guess what her reply was--, “They pay people to get these ‘buggies’ and take them back to the store”, and she got in her car and about hit me backing out of the parking space. It’s not just little old ladies either. One guy got real ‘huffy’ because I told him the shopping cart area was just one parking space over…; he said, “If I want his cart over there, I could take it over there.”

Now, ever been there, done that? I’ve counted to 10, even 20, but it still bothers me. Any suggestions? ‘Holler’ back quickly, before someone wipes me out!


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  1. Hi Samsons1. I just accepted your friend request on Redgage. I have to comment here; as a mother of young children I leave the shopping cart where I parked. This is because I am not going to strap them into their car seats and walk away from the car. Ever. Remember, you don't always see the whole picture. Tolerance is a many splendored thing. Peace.