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Monday, June 7, 2010


Did you awake this morning with a PMA? Positive Mental Attitude! What's that, you ask, a PMA? A Positive Mental Attitude is what you need to get your day started off right, and if you start your day this way, chances are greater that you will continue your day with a Positive Mental Attitude. A PMA is just what the name implies, a 'positive' (as opposed to a negative) mental attitude. It's the attitude you posses as you begin your day, 'positive' vs 'negative' and it's just as important as putting on your socks or stockings. You wouldn't feel like you was properly dressed without your socks - neither should you feel adequately attired without your PMA, your Positive Mental Attitude.

Your PMA is the choice you personally make as to how you are going to look at things (challenges/obstacles) today so you can understand that if you choose a PMA as opposed to a NMA you're starting on the right foot. How could a NMA or Negative Mental Attitude start you out in a positive way? It ain't going to happen! So you and you alone set your attitude for whatever comes your way. You can think positive and overcome your challenges/obstacles or think negative and be defeated right from the start.

If you start your day with a PMA, you're also probably wearing a smile. We all know it takes less muscle to smile than it does to frown so why over-work your faces. Besides, if you smile, the people you come in contact with will probably smile back. Wouldn't it be great to get that started all over - everyone smiling then everyone would have a PMA. Would you want to do business with someone who frowns all the time? No one does, so be the first to smile and watch it come back to you. It's hard to be sad with a smile on your face, so why think sadly. Be happy! (Didn't they have a song about that... “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”)

No one said the other person has to smile before you do, so initiate-- You be the first to smile. I know, some days you don't feel like smiling..., you really don't have a PMA, you might not feel all that well. On days like this, fake it if you still come in contact with people. See if later on it was not to your advantage to smile even though you didn't always feel like it. If you show your sadness or ill feelings you'll probably not get the business anyway.

So now you have the mind-set. You're ready to meet the world head on and with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). If you condition yourself to look on the bright side of things life becomes a lot easier, friends are more easily made; sell yourself as a positive person and more people will want to deal with you. Don't forget to smile.

Try this tomorrow morning. No sense in putting it off, if you do, you'll forget. So make a mental note, or better - leave yourself a note on the bathroom mirror. When you first look at yourself remember that today you have PMA, not 'whatever' anymore. Just give it a try and see if your day don't go better... and don't forget to smile. Not only will it make you feel better - it also causes others to wonder 'what you've been up to...'

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